Pagan Societies were barbaric because Christian values were not around.

Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
I don't actually disagree with much of what you have been saying in this thread, but your hyperbolical abuse of Ryrie is wholly unjustified; perhaps I should point out that this is part of a course of lectures about aspects of Protestant Christianity in particular and he is thus not concerned about earlier Christian attitudes toward slavery. But it is a fact of history that slavery was tolerated within Christendom, and Christians did not attempt to abolish it within the Roman Empire, an empire that was built upon slavery.
Sep 2015
It may be obvious that Aristotle implied that he supported slavery, and yet left a certain room for manoeuvre that may also have implied that he didn't personally agree with it; but what is he supposed to do about it, considering the ruler(s) and their regimes of the age...

Having said that you still say this about my reaction to the vid: 'your hyperbolical abuse of Ryrie is wholly unjustified...'

It is not hyperbole, it is a free reaction, to something that i thought was just idiotic, because, it was, for the first 10 mins, simply not remotely the case. And is therefore not abuse to say as much: doctrinaire...

Doctrinaire is intelligent, in any age ?!! in academia...!!!!!


and playing up to prejudices; sounds like demagoguery ... um ... obviously
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