Pakistan Justice Opposing Muslim Fundamentalists


Ad Honorem
Apr 2015
Creating hate for Hindus and Christians (and Jews as well, of course) isn't a very productive way of running a country. In this regard, Pakistan should emulate Kazakhstan--which is a nation-state but which also more-or-less respects ethnic and religious minority groups. I mean, Hindus and Christians aren't a demographic threat to Pakistan; thus, why worry about them?

Heck, didn't Jinnah advocate in favor of a tolerant Pakistan (even if he was a bit of a hypocrite in regards to this)?
Jinnah before getting his Pakistan was very anti-Hindu, his whole Pakistan movement was based on inciting hatred against Hindus. One wealthy Sindhi Hindu businessman in Karachi refused to take him as his lawyer over the issue of fees, and after that he became a staunch hater of Hindus, the Direct Action Action was the outcome of his hatemongering, more than 5000 people died in Calcutta in a matter of 3 days.

Although after getting Pakistan, he tried to preach secularism in the constitution of Pakistan and nobody in his party seems prepared for it. Apart from that he disowned his daughter for marrying a Parsi in the business house of Wadia, she lived all her life in India as an Indian national.