Pashtunwali, the laws of Pashtun/Afghan Tribes.

Jun 2019
Afghanistan originally
Greetings, i wanted to introduce you guys to the code of conduct and laws of Tribes of Afghanistan. I am a Pashtun and belong to tribe of SakaZai, Saka means Scythian in Iranian language and Zai means "son of" there are some 5 million of us who lives in North and South Western Afghanistan. we Pashtuns like Alans also speak an East Iranian language that our Scythian forefathers gave us.

we follow these rules strictly, going against them results in Death and these laws are serious because we our Pashtunwali over Quran and Islamic laws so i hope you all understand how serious pashtunwali is to us Afghans.

Aug 2016
Does these tribal laws have anything to do with Afghanistan being so inhospitable for the civilized, and so violent?
There is no reason to be this rude.

It is violent because that has been the culture the Pashtuns and other Afghan people have had to adopt to fight off repeated foreign invasions and resist occupation since at least 700 BCE when it was conquered by the Medes. There is little central authority to prevent blood-fueds between families and local strongmen set up factions that fight for resources.