PC: An Ottoman conquest of Saudi Arabia?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Would it have been plausible for a surviving Ottoman Empire (for instance, let's say there is either no WWI, a WWI where the Ottomans join and the CPs win, or a WWI where the Ottomans stay out and thus survive regardless of which side wins) to conquer Saudi Arabia at some point in time?

If so, what would the Ottomans have done with Saudi Arabia and its extremely massive oil reserves afterwards?

Also, would the Ottomans have eventually aimed to expand further in this scenario--for instance, going after Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, et cetera once the British Empire begins to weaken and the British begin to seriously consider decolonization?

In addition to this, would a surviving Ottoman Empire have aimed to regather its former territories in North Africa--in large part through persuasion--once decolonization becomes a serious movement there?

Any thoughts on this?
Dec 2018
They could have a large impact on WWII as they would stronger than our turkey was.
If they opposed the Germans in the Balkans there could have resulted in Barbarosa being postponed for a year.

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