Peace Settlements after WWl


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Interesting topic you have.
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I think the better question is, "What peace?" The twenty years between the World Wars was an uninterrupted chain of local wars, uprisings, coups, and revolutions that offered neither peace for the vanquished nor respite for the victors.


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Those settlements were not setlements, but dictates and they are nothing but an wonderful grounds for WWII. I don`t think history knows something more hypocritical, and more unfair, hidden behind the empty words of the Pres. Wilson... And a political shorsighting in the same time. Those settlements created Hitler...

In Bulgarian case, for example, Britain and France knew exactly how the things are, but preferred to reward their allies extremely, forgetting everything which Pres.Wilson said in the minute after he has finished.

World must never be arranged like this again..


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Wouldn't have any direct examples on this but it would reflect the popular opinion of the time. Imperialism was slowly getting out of fashion and the empires were less focused on expanding their empires and more on holding on to what they had. But it's hard to say something this generalized for the entire world. Italy and Japan for example still waged aggressive wars and it can be assumed that their peace treaties were ''aggressive'' to.

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How did the Peace Settlements after World War 1 transform the political landscape of Europe and contribute to the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939? Thoughts?
The harsh terms given to Germany directly set the stage for WW2. The extremely high post war inflation that paying off the war reparations contributed the Nazis come to power. And significant loss of German territory created resentment, which again aided the Nazis rise to power.

In addition, the harsh terms given to Germany contributed to America's not joining the league of nation. Americans saw that their sons had died, not to make the world safe for democracy, but to enrich the British and French imperialist, which contributed them to reject the League of Nation.

The Ottoman and Austria-Hungarian Empires broke up, but they likely would have broken up anyways in a few decades or more.