People with extremely funny names

Apr 2018
chutiya(slang for f****r)
This is a bit controversial. The word isn't spelled as such. The pronunciation of the Assamese word is not Chutiya (such as the Hindi slang) but Sutiya. Moreover it's not just a surname but designates an entire tribe in Eastern Assam.
Chutia people - Wikipedia

And back in the old days their Kings were some serious hot shots in the NE.
Chutiya Kingdom - Wikipedia

Interestingly, a coupla years back this Chutiya-Chutia issue got a little media spotlight because of an incident with Facebook
If your last name is Chutia, your FB a/c might be blocked!- Technology News, Firstpost


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I've always been partial to the old names in he almanach. Until 1906 the Swedish one still included "Babiana" – roughly "Baboonie" in English ("babian" in Swedish) – after this early Christian saint Babiana. Weirdly the conservative-minded Danes still retain it in theirs.

I'm sure the Puritans have already received some traffic here, but they tend to be a goldmine for this kind of thing:
A Boy Named "Humiliation": Some Wacky, Cruel, and Bizarre Puritan Names

And that list doesn't even mention brothers Cotton and Increase Mather.

And then there's of course the inventor of a rather important step in the production of petrol known as "cracking":
Mr Carbon Petroleum Dubbs
Tombstone Tuesday: Carbon Petroleum Dubbs (a “for-real” name with a rags-to-riches story)
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Dec 2011
Late Cretaceous
Names that go with their jobs:

Larry Speakes: White House Press Secretary back in the 80s

Australian tennis player, Margaret Court.

and there's a Jamaican drug lord called Christopher Coke.

On the other hand:

Jaime Sin who was appointed a cardinal in 1976 and thus .became Cardinal Sin
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Feb 2017
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Not strictly historical but I once worked with someone with the Northern English surname, 'Brammer'. Unfortunately for them we were in Cornwall. 'Brammer' means fart in Cornish and is still a dialect word in some areas of the Duchy. I never had the heart to tell them why their name seemed to make random strangers laugh.
Feb 2012
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Arch enemny in high school was Richard Head.

I kid you not. some parents can be cruel.
At a trade show business cards for Richard Hertz and Richard Rash were left on my table on the same day. Someone might have been messing with me.


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Oct 2011
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There is the matter of different languages ...

when a ship from Japan arrives at an Italian port with containers showing "KAGATA" we laugh ... in Italian a "kagata" is a bullshi++ ...

But Mr Kagata in Japan exists.
Nov 2016
Passing Schicklgruber through an on-line translator I get 'man from fancy pit.'
´Schickl´ has nothing to do with ´fancy´, but the translator read it as ´schick´ what indeed corresponds to ´fancy´. The meaning of ´schickl´ is unknown. ´Gruber´ means something like ´someone digging a pit´. The name sounds funny to Germans and would certainly have hindered Hitler's career. Names are very important for careers anyway. Imagine, for example, that Mozart, like one of his composing contemporaries, was called ´Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf´ . Chopin's music would also be ruined if its author were to bear this clattering name. I myself adopted the name of my Asian wife, because I didn't like my German name (actually from French).
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