People with extremely funny names


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Oct 2014
appalacian Mtns
I served in the army with a guy named Will Hurt. There used to be a Nascar driver named Dick Trickle. I think all these Toyota pickups with TRD in big red letters on the side of em are funny. Supposedly it's Toyota Racing Devolpment. I once handed my wife 500$ & the keys too my car, told her too drive it too work that day & stop by the tire store & get a set of Goodyear tires put on it. When she got home she was proud that she found they had a set of Chinese tires for 250$ & saved some money. I went outside and looked them over. I came back inside laughing so hard I was speechless. When i finally got where I could talk, I said You've been driving around town on those tires? She said "Yea, why?" I said go out there and actually look at those tires. They had in great big white letters on the side of em Kum Ho. She didn't come back inside but left. In about an hour she was back with Goodyears on my car.
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Oct 2010
I had a lecturer in university Mr Vowels.

named his first child 'A', 2nd 'E', rumor is he wanted 5 children but he was divorced after 2. University urban myth,
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