People with extremely funny names


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Jan 2011
South of the barcodes
More historical than current.

Cornelius B Harness, purveyor of the Harness corset.

the one that keeps me permanently amused is the Hollow swords company, whose public face was John Blunt.

I'm not sure of Hollow swords or blunt swords was a better description?
Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
Our relationship was not one of wit and talk. I remeber him ripping my copy of lord of the rings on teh bus in half in 2nd form. I did not react well.
Yeah... pretty sure that kid would have been my archenemy as well if he did that... the infidel!
Jun 2012
Two Italian American mafia bosses in Florida, Santo Trafficante Sr and Jr, is pretty interesting, in Portuguese their names means "Saint drug dealer"
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