periods of piece in human civilizations spanning from the neolithic era up to present day civilizations?

May 2015
Hi, Since the beginning of civilizations or agriculture has all civilizations of the world always been having non stop wars amongst each other without end OR has there actually been periods of piece? if yes then what were the periods of piece? was there ever a time were 1 or more civilizations were not at war with any civilization?

Matthew Amt

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Jan 2015
Ah, you mean "peace". Different word.

How long of a "period" do you mean? If months or even a few years, sure, happened all the time, somewhere or other, but probably not often longer than that.



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Oct 2011
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It depends also on the extension of the peace: local, regional, global? Until not a so far past Europeans ignored what happened in Eastern Asia [and the other way round]. For them global peace was peace in the Mediterranean region, Central and Northern Europe.


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Aug 2015
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Writing was developed independently in a few different places and slowly spread from them to wider and wider areas. And much historical information was never written down in the first place because writing might have been restricted to recording inventory or to religious texts. And much history that was written down has been lost due to destruction of records. So information about war and peace is much more complete and reliable for recent eras than for earlier ones.

In ancient times there were countless thousands of tribes, nations, ethnic groups, city states, etc., etc., that were independent states capable of fighting small scale wars, and in many cases the names, borders, and very existence of those states had been forgotten for millennia. In the early 20th century the number of states was reduced to about fifty odd, and now the number of states has increased to about 180 to 200. If each country is at war only 1 percent to 10 percent of the time, then with 200 countries there would be about 1 to 10 wars happening at any one time. The number of rebellions, insurrections, civil wars, coups, etc. has also increased dramatically in recent times and it is uncertain which of them should be counted as wars.

I have read statements that during the period of recorded history there has been world wide peace (or possibly no record of any wars that might have happened) in only two hundred odd years out of several thousand. Of course I have read such statements over a period of time and don't know when they were first made or how much they have been updated over the years or how accurate the original listing was.

I found a statement that:

It has been calculated that in the last 3,500 years, there have been just 230 years of peace throughout the civilized world.
» How many years of peace were recorded in history?

Note that this version doesn't say anything about whether there was war or peace in the non civilized societies of the world during those 3,500 years before the statement was written. This version doesn't claim anything about how much the non civilized societies enjoyed the blessings of peace or suffered the horrors of war. It only says how much war and peace have been recorded by civilized societies. Naturally I would assume that each non civilized society would experience alternations of war and peace just as civilized societies did.