Phenomena without history


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Things that might qualify are...

Alien Abductions -> But it might be historically equivalent to the incubus and succubus

Earth Quake Lights -> Although there might be mention in the Legends of Helike

The Hums -> Unsure if there are any historical mentions of "humming" in a population.

There is one instance of Dance Mania, or Dance Fever, which is mentioned once in History, and I can't find any other equivalents. But I haven't looked very hard lately.

Whoops, looks as if it is now a period in Medieval History, rather than a one time event.

(I am pretty sure there were dance marathons during the 1920s, and they might be an equivalent, as I think I remember people dying during the events)


During a marathon in the 1920s, a man named Homer Morehouse was the first contestant to dance in the marathon, but after dancing for 87 hours, he collapsed from exhaustion and died

Um. Self Immolation might be one. They might be exclusive to the Vietnam War, and on till now.

High School Shootings.

Zombie Flesh Eatings. Yes, apparently this is a recurring phenomenon inside the USA.

Crop Circles, although there are giant etchings in the side of Peruvian mountians which may be an equivalent or near equivalent.

Hope that gets you started.

Oh.... and Birds falling from the sky en masse, may be a cold war phenomenon. I can't seem to find any historical evidence of these events happening before the 1970s.

This might be brand new science. You decide.

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"Phenomenon" Something that comes into view, becomes visible, or becomes known. So, the definition implies two states or a process, thus a history. Maybe would have to be that which is beyond Buddhist dependent origination, something realized, perhaps.

Or go with the Tao.
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Any phenomenon or "thing" you might offer in answer would have a history of being observed, at least. And this type of answer is called a tautology, I think, making the question, what ? Pointless ?
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