Philippine–American War


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May 2016
One of the first Spanish books I ever read was :

Cuarteroni y los piratas malayos (1816-1880)

About a priest by the name of Cuarteroni who spent his life working in the back areas Phillipines, with zero support from a declining Spanish Empire. I found it really interesting.

Carlos Cuarteron - Wikipedia brief English summary of him

Carlos Cuarteroni Fernández - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre full version in Spanish
You were the one that mentioned this book to me a couple of years ago. I also read it. And also found it quite interesting.

Good reading! And thanks! :D
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May 2015
Schertz ,Tx
Haven't read up on the Spanish American war in a long time. It's said that Teddy Roosevelt recruited some of his Rough Riders at the bar of the Menger Hotel back when Teddy was in San Antonio. He also got some of his horses from the Capote Ranch east of Seguin,Texas. It was owned by relatives of his wife. If you drive by the ranch, the State of Texas has a historical marker that mentions this fact. Forgot the number of the Farm To Market Road it's on. The road if i remember correctly comes out in Cost, Texas. It hits Texas Hwy 97. As you drive towards the town of Gonzales, you will see a monument to the first shot taken in the Texas Revolution.
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