Plague & Famine During the PLC Deluge Period

Jun 2013
During the Deluge that destroyed the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth most of the history concerns the war, diplomacy and politics. Only in passing are famine and plague mentioned. Does anyone on this forum know more details about these?

I'm under the impression that plague devastated the nation the most. What type of plague? Which areas were hardest hit? Where any cities wiped out? Any statistics on losses?

Did the famine come before or after the plague? Was the famine caused by lack of farm hands, crop diseases or weather or a combination? Do you think plague and famine were larger contributors to the Deluge than actual fighting?


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Mar 2013
Far as I know the plague was some form of the Black Death (which is currently being re-evaluated as not bubonic) following the destruction of so many towns and villages by the roaming bands of Swedish soldiers stealing what they could. The loss of Polish fighting men and destruction/stolen of town granaries and spread of plague meant the crops were not planted on time or in as wide an area for 2 years and not planted at all in parts of Greater Poland leading to famine.

Poland previously had been an exporter of grain but the main ports were under Swedish and Moscovy control and there were no trade routes set up to import grain with the Ottomans in the south being the traditional Polish-Lithuanian enemies so Poland-Lithuania was surrounded and lost a large amount of its population in 3 years of war, plague, and famine.
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