Please give me your opinion on the war between the US and Vietnam

Oct 2019
Hi I'm Tan from Vietnam
I am working on a US-Vietnam war topic
Now that I do a survey, I need to know your opinion about the US-Vietnam war
I do not want to be limited by the historical knowledge from Vietnam education
I hope to find American soldiers who fought in Vietnam in this forum
---> Under each answer, please let me know your country <----
I am looking forward to your comments
Thank so much
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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
I'm Italian and I was born in 1972, so I was a little child when Saigon fell in April 1975.

You have to know that, from a historical perspective, the Vietnam war had a deep political and social impact in Italy. This country was divided between two political blocks: the Communists/Socialists [who still wanted Italy to follow Moscow] and the Christian Democrats [who stayed with Washington]. A good part of the student movements, of the workers unions and obviously of the Communists/Socialists saw the American military operations in Vietnam as an invasion and they openly stood with the People of Vietnam.

On the other hand, the "pro-US" [the Christian Democrats, the industrial world, a good part of the middle class ...] thought that Americans were doing the right thing to avoid the expansion of Communism in Asia.

So you can understand how was problematic for Italians to follow the events in your country.
Sep 2013
From France, who never studied a lot this war:
US won all his battles, but the cost to pay was too high to stay there forever. The same than French in Algeria.
Southern Vienam army seemed corrupted with poor leadership.
North Vietnam weapons (rifles) were quite effective.


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Apr 2015
Although I am not a fan of communism, but the outside powers have no right to divide Vietnam or even Korea artificially against the consent of the people.


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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Horrendous. Democracy has its own problems.
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Jan 2017
" The AK47 is a great rifle for poorly trained soldiers, but it's far outclassed & outranged by the American M16 in the hands of a professional rifleman "

no ,.... the GI despised the "barbie gun " for good reasons , it was unreliable and lacked stopping power
those defects were sorted out afterward
but during the Vietnam war only a fool would prefer an M-16 to an AK or the excellent M-14

U.S. Commandos Had a Love Affair With Captured AK-47s

a few pictures
RPD Commando Vietnam | Loadouts | Vietnam, Vietnam war photos, Vietnam veterans

When the paratroopers of the Foreign legion 2nd Regiment jumped into combat over Kolwezi , they swapped their MAS 49/56 for AK as soon as they could

swapping weapons is an old tradition
here is a picture of a lieutenant of the Totempkopf waffen SS leading his men holding a PPsh 41 , It even had a commissary nomenclature and German manufactured spares

Soviet long distance scouts used the PM38 probably for its less intrusive sound and the easier sourcing of ammo
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Jun 2017
The consensus in the US among almost every aspect of US society is that the war was a mistake and that we lost. It's a shining example of why invading random leftist countries because of a competition with a separate third country that had a similar ideology was dumb and counterproductive though that sentiment is far from consensus. Of course Ho Chi Minh was a fan of the US(before the war of course) and could have made a great partner but we went with the brutal dictator who wouldn't be able to keep control of the country.


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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
That is exactly what they did in India too. Preferred Pakistan, though we were never against US.