Please give me your opinion on the war between the US and Vietnam


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Aug 2016
TBH, I don't think that many South Koreans actually want to live under Nork rule right now.
Yes, and given that North Korea already existed, the only way to let some Koreans not live under that government was to create a separate South Korea. The issue is less clear in Vietnam. I think most Vietnamese preferred national unification under the Communists to national division with half the country under that regime in Saigon.
Mar 2019
it was a waste of lives....I still hate Johnson. My father came back a different man and technically I am a Viet Nam era veteran...women didn't have to go, but many young men I knew did, and they came back with broken bodies. I actually know the history of what led up to the war and America was an idiot. We tried to prop up the French and should have stayed out of that mess. Communism scared people but as we now see communism and socialism can not exist in a vacuum. I saw something where the leader of Viet Nam's son owns a nice island resort.
But a lot of bad decisions that lead to US involvement were based on the concern a pan-Asian communist movement would take hold of the region.
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May 2014
I agree, as far as I know the majority of Vietnamese supported the North.
How about holding a vote in all of Vietnam as per the original plan and perhaps allow any Vietnamese who don't want to live under Communist rule to move elsewhere?
Oct 2016
from USA

USA was fighting Moscow in Vietnam. We miscalcuated USSR influence. We feared Vietnam would be another soviet puppet, like most of East Europe. turns out most of the Vietnamese were fighting for independence.
US military did very well but was in a near-unwinnable war. we weren't driven out, we walked out.
in the end, as JFK observed, it was the Vietnam people's war, and all the determination was on one side.
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Jan 2017
A lot of Vietnamese , mostly Catholics , left the north at the armistice