Please help a history student with his dissertation - takes less than a minute

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I am, as you see one of the Moderators. First, good luck with your Committee and I hope you can complete an acceptable Dissertation in a reasonable time. As noted above, your polling technique is weak, and may well be challenged by your Committee. Of course much depends upon how you use the information and how important it is to your argument. I think you should be collecting more data on participants. Age/gender(s), World location, educational attainment, occupation, etc. are all useful in understanding results and as a means of insuring random samples. The cohorts respondents fall into can bias a result, especially when your questions are so open-ended and dependent upon who is answering them. My friends daughter would probably say the debut of Led Zeppelin was the greatest event in human history, while the religious will point to their "sacred texts", and an educated person might say the invention of writing (me), or the effect of environmental (physical and cultural) challenges on trend-lines, or something else entirely. That might be fixed by a longer and more carefully structured poll.

I am: A American Male living in New Mexico and widowed a year ago. I have multiple under-graduate, graduate and professional degrees, mostly from California colleges, though my Alma Mater is Ashland up in Oregon. I dropped ou of a PhD program for Oriental Philosophy & Religion for family reasons. I worked for years in Aero-Space as a Certified Metallurgist specializing in Hydrogen gas contamination on the atomic structures of exotic metals. I served in the US Navy during the Eisenhower Administration, and retired from Civil Service (City of Torrance in LA County) at the end of the century and moved to New Mexico. I'm a serious painter (studied with Datorro-Tonoff in R.I. after failing to get into RISD) and now spend most of my time in the Studio working. I'm a devote Zen Buddhist for well over 55 years, and I have two sons ( Oldest is a retired career Army/Intelligence Officer currently in Afghanistan for the last time, and the youngest who is a successful professional in San Francisco) Both are University graduates with ... I think ... a couple of degrees, and my grand-daughter will graduate from USC in May (Computers and Cognitive Science). My late wife had degrees in Speech & Theater and Library Science.

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