Please help, what does it (MIB) mean in this description?

May 2018
When I read 1973 Yom Kippur war, there is a sentence mensioned as " At dawn he surprised the enemy column from the rear and dispersed the remnants of 43 MIB, having knocked-out all of its forty tanks.[295] "
Source : Yom Kippur War - Wikipedia
Sector : Syrian breakthrough in the southern Golan. - lastest sentence.
What does it mean "MIB" ? It's an abbreviation or some what?
Jan 2019
Just a guess, Motorised Infantry Battallion? "Tanks" could refer to all tracked or otherwise armoured vehicles like armoured personnel carriers or infantry fighting vehicles. In a battle there wouldn't be any distinction between a BMP-2 or T-72, they are both "armor" to be destroyed as soon as possible, and probably afterwards put down as "tanks destroyed".


Forum Staff
Aug 2016
MIB is defined earlier in that paragraph - mechanized infantry brigade. Assuming the Syrians copied Soviet organization, which is a high probability, a mechanized infantry brigade would have three mech infantry battalions, each with about 30 BMPs, and one tank battalion of about 40 tanks. The only difference is that Soviets would call that unit a regiment, but Syrians seem to prefer the word brigade.