Poll : Wellington vs Montgomery , which was better ?

Which British general was better ? Wellington or Montgomery ?

  • Duke of Wellington

    Votes: 33 80.5%
  • Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery

    Votes: 8 19.5%

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Apr 2014
Istanbul Turkey
Since last poll about Napoleon vs Wellington was so lively and right now I do a research about British military leaders , can we make a comparison Duke of Wellington vs Bernard Montgomery ? Which was better ?

Wellington : Fought in Flanders Campaign in 1794 , retreated whatever left of his command to Hamburg before evacuated to Britain. Sent to India and participated the campaign against Tippu Sultan (Fourth Anlo-Myosore War) and capture of Seringapatam in 1798 , defeated bandit chief Droondiah Waugh , promoted major general , defeated Maharatta Army in Battle of Assaye in 1803 , returned Britain , participated Second Battle of Copenhagen in 1806 , in 1808 he joined Portugal Expedition and defeated French in Battle of Rolica/Vimerio , forced them to evacuate Portugal , cleared his name after Cintra Convention , in 1809 he returned to Iberia , defeated French in Porto and then after a sucessful tactival battle in Talavera , managed to pull his army back to Portugal. Between 1810-11 he defeated last French Expedition into Portugal in Busacco , Lines of Torres Vedras and Fuantes de Onoro , in 1812 he invaded Spain , captured Ciuad Rodrigo and Badajoz , roted French Army in Salamanca , captured Madrid but failed in Bugros siege , abandoned Madrid , in 1813 he invaded Spain again , crushed French in Vittoria , invaded France in 1813-14 Bayonne-Toulosse campaign till Napoleons abdication. His crown achievement is Battle of Waterloo in June 1815 for which he is most famous of course

Montgomery : Fought in World War I in Western Front , wounded in trenches in 1915. After returned to service served as a staff officer prepared training methods and books for British Army and 1938-39 served in Palastine. In 1939-40 served Lıw Countries French Campaign as 3rd Division commander. After a brief engagement he pulled his division back to Britain in most orderly manner from Dunkirk in 1940. Served as SW England district commander. In 1942 he was assigned as 8th Army commander in Egypt. Defeated Panzer Army Africa in Battle of Alam el Halfa and Second Battle of Alamein and drove its remants from Egypt , pursued them all the way back to Tunisia , liberated Libyan coast , defeated Rommel again inBattle of Medenine in March 1943 , broke through Axis defences in Battle of Mareth Line and Battle of Wadi Akarit before stopped in Enfidaville. Commanded 8th Army during Operation Husky , invasion of Sicily in July 1943 liberated Syracuse , Augusta , Catania , broke through Etna Line and arrived Messina on August 1943. Landed on mainland Italy with 8th Army in September 1943. Advanced all the way to Central Italy before assigned as D-Day Land Commander in Chief. Landed on Normandy on 6th June 1944 , broke through Atlantic Wall , after a very extended and hard see saw build up campaigning in Normandy between June-August 1944 , liberated Caen , crossed Seine , participated destruction of German armies in Falaise , liberated Arras , Amiens , almost entire Belgium and Antwerp as 21st Army Group Commander. Initiated Market Garden in September 1944 but despite 90 km advance in face of hardening enemy resistance eventually faied to reach Arnhem. Cleared Scheldt and Walcharen approaches to Antwerp in September-November 1944 and cleared Germans from west of Maas river. Assumed control of entire northern shoulder during Ardennes Offensive including two US Armies and evacuated St. Vith salient sucessfully in December 1944. Participated counter attack to erase German salient in Ardennes. In February 1945 under his command 21st Army Group cleaned out Lower Rhine region in Operations Vertable , Grenade and Blackcıorck , destroyed 1st German Parachute Army , crossed Rhine with 21st Army Group with most detailed set piece operation in March 1945 , marched through Northern Germany , captured German port cities Bremen , Wilhelmshaven , Hamburg , Kiel and liberated Denmark before end of the war.
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May 2016
Since last poll about Napoleon vs Wellington was so lively and right now I do a research about British military leaders , can we make a comparison Duke of Wellington vs Bernard Montgomery ? Which was better ?


In what occasion did one faced the other?
Apr 2014
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Monty is very overrated. Not that he wasn’t good but he was hyped up way beyond his skill.
Among Western Allies there was not many who accomplished listed above. He knew the army he served then later commanded , aware what his troops capable of and what can not most of the time. A sign of awareness that is important in a good command officer.


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Nov 2010
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None I am just comparing their performances as field commanders nothing more
Comparing an early 19th century general with a mid 20th century general is fairly pointless, when you consider the differences in warfare between the two periods.
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Feb 2016
In the 20th century any general of any note was hyped up by their own media., blaming a general for it is nonsensical.
Did I blame him? I also said he was good. I just stated that he is not as good as his rep. Slim was better but was in a forgotten theatre and did not have the HYPE machine that others had. When Monty got to Africa ... he knew his men and business well, but had such a massive advantage it wasn’t exactly like he needed to display much skill.. some of the generals who had failed before him might have succeeded if they had arrived at that point. In Europe he was less spectacular. I’d stick Haig, Allenby, Plumer, Clive, Granby and Gough above Monty

Wellington was with out a peer amongst British generals in his time, would probably be Number 1 or 2 in a list of greatest British generals ever (Marlborough might be 1). He was probably one of the best generals of his age... Napoleon and Suverov being possibly above him.

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