Polyandry and Wife Sale in Qing Dynasty China

Jan 2015
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the following is the link to a book by matthew sommer, in it he discuss the history of polyandry in historical china. i try to look deeper into this subject, however i fail to find a single source that support and of his claim. the only sites that agrees with him are the only that quoted him.
There's a book by (translated and edited by) Jonathan Spence from historical accounts (compiled by two prior Chinese historians from written records of the time in the government annals) from a small county in Shandong during the late Ming and immediate Ming-Qing interregnum period. It has been awhile since I've read it but I'm sure there were accounts of wife selling and even cannibalism during times of famine/floods. The book is entitled "Death of Woman Wang".

Oct 2015
Polyandry was a common practice among residents of Himalayan mountain ranges - on either side of the mountains. So it is found in Tibet, Northern India, Nepal, Bhutan. In India most well known is case of heroes of Mahabharat - the five Pandav brothers, who were living in exile, married a single wife named Draupadi.

Interestingly Greeks and Britons also practiced polyandry.

See the article in Wikipedia for more details. Polyandry appears to be more widespread than we historians - familiar with kings who generally have multiple wives (polygyny) - can imagine.
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