Portugal vs. Spain: Who had the more dominant empire?

More dominant empire?

  • Spain

    Votes: 20 83.3%
  • Portugal

    Votes: 4 16.7%

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May 2016
Now that you mention it - didn't you say they speak a funny language up in the north east of Portugal?

Too little time, too many languages :)
Probably we were talking about the Mirandês, a dialect of the old Leonese. I can read it, but I mostly don’t understand it orally.

And you are right, too little time, too many languages… I am already loosing proficiency in the ones that I know… or knew… like French and Latin or even Spanish and English. It has been more than 10 years since I read an all book in French!


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May 2016
My English was once perfect. But I get a bit confused now occasionally on similar English/Spanish words - especially where double consonants are involved - or not!!
A couple of years ago I was reading a book in English about the Portuguese colonization of Brazil. I often read it in the breaks between classes. Then one day in a class I was writing in an old black board to the students and I wrote “Brazil” without even noticing the error. The kids immediately fall on me stating that I had wrote it with an error (it is “Brasil” in Portuguese). It was embarrassing! :D
Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal

They speak the Portuguese language and Mirandés

Mirandela is a Portuguese parish of the municipality of Mirandela, with 29.78 km ²; of area and 11 852 inhabitants (2011). Its population density is 398 hab / km².

Tradutor Pertués -> Mirandés

Portugal - Pertual

Inglaterra - Anglaterra ( England

Espanha - Spanha

França - Fráncia

Vinho - Bino ( Wine = ( ( Senhor Albino Senhor Bino ) Senhora Palmira senhora Mira) Senhora Belmira senhora Mira.) diminutive in the Portuguese language

Bom dia - Buonos dies ( Good Morning

Boa noite - Buona nuite ( good night

Vinte e quatro - Binte i quatro ( Twenty four

Tradutor - Pertués -> Mirandés - Português -> Mirandês

Spain word . Mira) tradução portuguese translation VER ) English To see

Mira is a small northern town Portugal facing the sea

johnincornwall - knowing how to speak Portuguese and knowing how to write is more difficult.

Se eu sei algumas palavras espanholas,é com ajuda do Google Sou português mas não sei falar espanhol.

Si conozco a un par de palabras en español, es con la ayuda de Google Soy portugués, pero no puedo hablar español.

If I know some Spanish words, it is with the help of Google I am Portuguese but I do not know how to speak Spanish.

Spanish Ventana Portuguese Janela ) Big big difference

Tulius Jhon will now learn Portuguese.

Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
Latin - Terra Portuguese - Terra Spanish Tierra - English - Earth

Latin - Sol Portuguese - Sol ............ Sol - ........ - Sun

Lantin - Calor Portuguese - Calor .......... Calor - ........ - Heat

....... - Inferno .......... - Inferno ..... Infierno - ....... - Hell

........ - Perdoar ......... - Perdoar ..... perdoar - ....... - To forgive

......... - Estilo ....... - Estilo .... Estilo - ............. - Style

......... Imbecil ....... - Imbecil ..... Imbecil - ........... - *******

...... - Sardinha ..... - Sardinha .... Sardina - ....... - Sardine

..... - Paleas ..... - Palha - ...... Paja - .... ... - Straw
Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
Have a good trip until Portugal is welcome

Do not forget to visit the Roman ruins.
Braga city is known by name to roma portuguese.
Coimbra Setubal Tróia cities with Roman monuments. Visit the small Cuban city of the Alentejo say that was where Cristobão Colombo was born. Lastly, pass through Porto .

Do not forget to bring with you Pounds and time to visit the maximum of Portuguese monuments in Portugal the food and the wines are very good.

Tenha uma boa viagem até Portugal »»» Have a good trip to Portugal.