Post Mexican American war experience

Jan 2018
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I need help finding information about the affects of mexican american war on mexican americans from 1850-1900 and what changed in the US and what mexican americans endured as a result


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One might go to the library and ask the librarian for help.

They went to college to learn how to help people find books.
Jan 2018
I'm not entirely sure where I saw this, but I remember seeing a film -- perhaps a few years back -- about this, though it was talking to Mexicans today -- some consider California, Utah, Texas, etc. the "lost provinces". I'm sure that if some Mexicans today resent this acquisition, many in that time period would. That being said, these areas were sparsely populated -- when Texas revolted, it probably only had 5,000 or less people, whereas Mexico City numbered in the tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands. They probably didn't regret the losses that much since it was desert with few people, some of which weren't even Mexican (most Texans were American settlers). I hope this helps.
Feb 2018
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That being said, these areas were sparsely populated -- when Texas revolted, it probably only had 5,000 or less people,
Seriously? I'm assuming that figure isn't counting indigenous Americans across Texas yeah, just Euro-American and Mexican settlers?


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Members of Historium aren't supposed to help students with their assignments until the student demonstrates they've made a strong effort to do the work themselves. Read and abide by the rules.

That said, here's a bone for you. Write your essay on how the possessors of Spanish Land Grants in New Mexico were treated between 1849 and 1899. Start with the Treaty of Guadalupe and the circumstances it was formed under. Americans had been trading with Santa Fe for years before the Mexican War, but most of the Americanos fit more or less easily into New Mexican Culture. Things changed when New Mexico became a Territory, and the Anglo population increased substantially after the American Civil War. During that dreadful conflict, New Mexico hung in the balance ... how were the new U.S. Citizens, of Mexican Ancestry affected? Anglo racism of the period regarded anyone of "color" inferior, and injustices were common. How was a Spanish Gradee affected when some saloon ruffian was "disrespectful"? Where was the law, and why didn't it protect the property rights better? Or did the Law do exactly what we adhere to the Rule of Law for?

Now that should give you something to chew on.

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