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Jun 2014
The definition of what constituted poverty would change.
So true in many respects. Really, people need adequate resources to merely survive: food and water for sustenance, and shelter. This is how humanity lived for thousands of years. I have participated on threads on this forum where it has been demonstrated that - for the most part, and generally speaking, what is "poverty" today in many developed nations, equates to living like a king in the past.

paranoid marvin

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Aug 2015
Yes, poverty is relative to the society you live in. In the past, poverty could mean starving to death because you were too ill to work (and therefore received absolutely no form of income).
Jul 2014
Poverty in America, Europe and East Asian means fast food and fat people and a bad diet. Poverty in Africa means bare minimum calories to eat and stick thin figures.

Even if tomorrow everybody has enough to eat and place to stay people would still exist who has more to eat and bigger place to live .... As indian friend would say there are IPhone guys and there are Micromax guys and both need eact other.

I dont think there would ever be an egalitarian world where we all sing kumabaya together and are all equally socially and economically.