Pre Classical European art

Apr 2018
Anything from the Neolithic to the 6th century bc goes
Let's start with Minoan art, their frescoes were fount mainly at Knossos and Akrotiri, but other Minoan frescoes or frescoes influenced by Minoan ones were found at Hagia Triada and Thylissos in Crete, Phylakopi in the Aegean, Miletus in Anatolia, in Syria at the palace of Qatna, in Israel in the Canaanite palace at Tell Kabri, and in Egypt at the royal palace of Avaris. Minoan frescoes influenced Mycenaean ones later on such as those found at Pylos, Tyrins and Mycenae.
Minaon art, frescoes (18-15th century bc):
throne room at the palace of Knossos:

Bull leaping fresco from the palace:


Male figure (king? prince?)

Procession fresco

Cup bearers frescoes:

Minoan frescoes from the Egyptian palace of Avaris:
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Apr 2018
Knossos, again.

Lady, nicknamed the "Parisienne":

Now let's go to Akrotiri, this ancient Minoan city was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the late 17th century bc, this tragedy preserved its beautiful frescoes and architecture thanks to the volcanic ashes which buried the city


Ship procession, this beautiful fresco allows us to have a glimpse of Minoan ships and navigation techniques:

Image of a town, maybe Minoan Akrotiri itself:
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Really beautiful. Thanks you all. We have a small plaque of the blue dolphins we bought in Greece many years ago.

There are also abstract and beautiful Cycladic works like

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