Pre-colonial Burmese history

Hey there I'm looking for some books that are based on the Pre-colonial times of Burma, and their history at that particular time. I* am struggling to find any decent readings, and In fact started looking into the Rangoon University archive, after finding out my university had one good book on Burma that was published by Rangoon University.

I currently have:-

  • M. Aung-Thwin, Myth and history in the historiography of early Burma: paradigms, primary
  • W.S. Desai, Deposed King Thibaw Of Burma In India, 1885 - 1916, Bharavtiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty: Bombay, 1967.
  • M. Aung-Thwin, 'Phrophecies, Omens, and dialogues: Tools of the trade in Burmese Histriography', in Change and Continuity in Southeast Asia, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1982.

I also got some other book from the library published in 1989 by the CIA on "Burma: A Country Study", it has a brief history chapter, it's kind of like an abstract to what Ive been reading.

I'm at a lost for any more in-depth readings, I've checked out Desai's readings and he has a plethos of readings that could be beneficial, however this is way too much secondary sources, So I was wonderig if there could be anything else. I'm currently reading W.S. Desai's 'Deposed King Thibaw Of Burma In India, 1885 -1916' when I get the chance to, and constantly checking his footnotes.

Does anyone know where I could get my hands on Desai's "The Royal orders of Burma, A.D. 1598-1885, Volume 8"
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