Presidents Who Made The Most Important Contributions To Civil Rights?

Oct 2018
Minneapolis, MN
I tend to lean Lincoln. Especially for what he was standing up against in that time. How he had to measure every statement, play the middle with his words. That was an impossible situation he found himself in.

Kennedy/LBJ rank next for me, just because of what their party had tended to be and how it leaned, and them turning it on it's head.
Jul 2014
Which POTUS's made the most important contributions or groundwork for Civil Rights?

Lincoln, Grant, Truman, Kennedy and L. B. Johnson are probably the standout names for me.

As for those who threatened to reverse this, I'd say A. Johnson, Wilson and perhaps even the Roosevelts.
President Licoln is easily the most prominent and succesful contributer to civil rights of Americans. HIs war against slavery lays the very foundation of modern America.