Principles, methods, structures, tools, for collection, synthesizing and retention

Jan 2017
How to get the most out of your learning time?

What are yours of the above mentioned things?

inviting you to critique mine.

Some of my:


Wisdom trumps knowledge

shallow knowledge can be dangerous if it is not known how shallow it is - ie not calibrated confidence levels. Otherwise it´s better than no knowledge

Phenomena are never or almost never static or monocasual. However it is very often possible to ferret out a few dominant "offensive" and "defensive" forces.

excessive unprocessed information input is painful. Need to write or discuss (This is why i came here :)

Method and structure:

I am bad at these. I need help. Am experimenting with mindmaps (Tony Buzan) and pointers on reading (Mortimer Adler) speedreading (Tim Ferriss)

Guess lack of energy and lack of well defined purposes of my reading is to blame. Suggestions?


I often read with a pen, mark, underscore, annote in margin ("x" for "nah...", "v" "yes!", "?" "!", and stuff like "verify""expand definitions". For a while i wrote three sentences after each chapter.

Don´t know why I stopped, laziness sometimes and sometimes reading flow ie not time for reflection just yet. What happened was i tired out and didn´t write on that occasion and then forgot the text.

Sometimes mindmaps on big A3 paper and notes on the back. Havent figured out a good storage and retreival system for this since I read lot of stuff simultaniously.

Word processor. Sentences during web lectures or web reading. problem with sorting and lack of rereading habit

Evernote - highlighting webpages - problem with sorting and lack of rereading habit

Foxit - highlightning, underscore, text annotations

Visual understaning environment - just downloaded, see if it helps the sorting issue and rereading issue

Tomato timer - time lits, could probably be used more to structure reading and writing proportions

Generally i feel i just gather a vague collection of references and to the extent that convincing concepts, ideas, arguments are repeated from different sources i take them on. I feel this it not effective, but maybe robust.

To the extent i take notes, i have a bad overview where they are and how they are connected. Maybe make copies to have them both with the books and collected in one place.

Too often I find myself saying "It´s hard to explain" which i hate. It´s a sign of not really understanding my own argument.