Private "Police" forces

Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
In my area of England, both Romford and Brentwood residents have started contributing to private security companies in order to stop rowdyism on the streets, mugging, theft etc. My own little town is also considering this. The reason! The Police numbers have been cut back so far that the Bobbies cannot cope.
The latest case is Hartlepool, a town of 90'000 that only has 10 police on a night shift and, because the the Police Station has shut, caused by lack of staff, the Police have to take any miscreant to Middlesborough, 15 miles away!
Does anyone else on this site have the same problems and if so, what has your town done to reduce crime?


Ad Honorem
Nov 2010
Western Eurasia
Do you have neighborhood watch associations in the UK? In my country there are "Civil Guard" civilian associations that cooperate with the police, and they mostly perform neighborhood watch, patroling with their own marked cars, and assisting the cops. They are fully volunteer, doing it in their free time without pay, they can only make citizen arrests (=to hold back the criminal until the police arrives) if they caught somebody in the act, and can only carry pepper spray for self defence. When they started around 30 years ago i think they mostly relied on member and other private contributions but they recieve increasingly more and more material support from the state and local governments, like donating them newer cars for patrol and other equipment etc, assist them in educational courses so they seem to be more and more professional in their job. In my city there are enough real cops (at least my perception is that, though occassionally i've also met Civil Guards in my life), but i guess in smaller towns and villages in the country-side they are more important.
There are around 60,000 Civil Guard association members in the country, so around double of the number of real cops.