Prominent early film comedians


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Which prominent early film comedians were there? For the record, I'm thinking of the pre-1950 time period here. So far, I could think of:

Charlie Chaplin (especially, but not only, in his Little Tramp role):

Buster Keaton:

Harold Lloyd:

The Marx Brothers:

Laurel and Hardy:

That said, though, who else was a prominent early film comedian (as in, for the time period between the creation of film and 1950)?
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Oct 2018
As for the UK, there was The Crazy Gang, but British comedy as we think of it doesn't appear to have really come into its own until the 50s and 60s, with the Goons, Tony Hancock, the Carry On franchise, Morcambe & Wise, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Eric Sykes and Monty Python.
Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
All of them were from before 1950?
W. C. Fields is hilarious! He had a method of delivery that was completely his own... he also had these great sort of one-liners and exclamations ("disperse!"), plus the physical slap-stick. Constantly harassed by spouses and brat kids in his films, he somehow always had the perfect mix of brow-beaten and know-it-all ... the way he could deliver a smart line and in the next moment be startled or recoil as if anticipating a beating was so balanced that you never think he's truly mean (even when he feigns he's about to punch a child!) and you never feel too sorry for him either... he perfectly delivers the perennially henpecked and harangued loud-mouthed, tough guy character. :lol:

Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
We have a bunch Hal Roach produced comedies already mentioned here (Laurel and Hardy, Harold Lloyd, The Stooges, etc.), so I'm adding the last two in the list of his best known work...

ZaSu Pitts and Thelma Todd - who could perhaps best be described as the female equivalents of Stan and Ollie.

Our Gang, also know as the Little Rascals - based on the work of Mack Sennet (Kid Comedies) but made into a classic by Hal Roach.