Propaganda Maps


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Jan 2007
Here is what I think must be the most famous example of a propaganda map(from 1934) -

(By the way, it is from the very fine Ptak Science Books website. If you've got a few hours to surf around, go for it - the guy's a genius.)

So, I wonder if anyone knows of any other propaganda maps. It doesn't have to be of a wartime sort - just one with "an agenda."
Dec 2009
There are some good ones on this site.

This is a propaganda map by a Japanese around the time prior to the 1905 Russo-Japanese War (but the language used was Chinese and English), In the English text on the top left corner Ohara depicted Russia as the "Black Octopus"
Note the antenna of the Octopus going through Manchuria into Lushun (near Dalian today).

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