Proto indo european clothing and armour

Jun 2014
Does anyone have a good idea of what proto Indo european clothing and armour would have looked like. If there's any artwork on it or something similar out there that would be great. Thanks for any info you can give me on the subject.
Nov 2013
maybe like this:

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or like this


I believe many of this connections of different cultures, languages, tribes and so go on came by another way, enough of them from seperate different evolutions of human history, dont want to start a discussion if Indoeuropeans excist for real in such a way or not, maybe it has something true inside, how can say how much? Just write my opinion.
Jun 2014
I believe the existence of proto Indo Europeans is generally regarded as fact and has been for quit some time now. It is the various details of their origin, timespan and whether they existed as one group or a series of groups sharing a similar culture and language that is open for debate. Never the less perhaps I should rephrase the question. Does anyone have a good idea of the clothing and armour of the people that existed in the north Black Sea area 4000-2000 BC. I am aware of cimmerian and other later and better documented groups clothing and armour but wondered if their was a clearer picture of the natives of this area prior to these groups in terms of their attire.


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Feb 2013
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For clothing, I would suggest you not use the term clothing. I believe you will have much better luck searching for the term textile. Simply combine that with the names of cultures you wish to research (i.e. Maikop textile or Sintashta textile).
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