Prussia-Germany VS Romans — Were both sides "equally great" in the European military history ?

Jul 2018
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Maurice de Saxe also wrote a work on art of war during that time. ,, Mes Rêveries '' was published after his death in 1757. It was praised by Frederick the Great and described by Lord Montgomery, more than two centuries later, as "a remarkable work on the art of war."
You're totally correct. But Marshal Saxe never served the Prussian army, or contributed anything to the Prussian military, so could not challenge Frederick the Great's status as the "Prussian Sun Tze". :p

Except Moltke, Clausewitz, Scharnhorst, I could not think of any qualified enough to challenge his supremacy in mastery of military theory as a Prussian (those not serving the Prussian army excluded). Maybe you could name more brilliant Prussian military theorists who might be also excelled in military command, couldn't you ?

Moreover, Moltke, Clausewitz and Scharnhorst came to the earth after Frederick, so Frederick was the "predecessor" unquestionably. :)
Apr 2017
Not even the French at the peak of their glory, with conquests from Madrid to Moscow in the most contested and militarily most advanced region of the world, could match the glory of Rome. So no, it's a non-comparison. The Romans were exceptional; the siege of Masada for example just give you an hint of how advanced the Romans were for their time. The US is only a child compare to Rome at this stage. The US needs a 500 year or so of dominance to match Rome.
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