Psychiatry and dictators

May 2017
Well,jews and protestants have in common to privilegiate the old testament to the new.That is why the papacy has autorized the lecture of the Bible in the XXth century (Jean XXIII).But have you the list of the protestants towns or states who have persecuted the jews in the XVIth century ? I am interested by that because Israel has decored of the "Yod Vashem" a calvinist town in my country,Le Chambon sur Lignon,where 400 protestants farmers-who passed all their sunday in the Temple-have saved 800 young people.The brothers Benoit,who recuperated sometimes some people in the house of my granfather,have been arrested in Clermont Ferrand (they worked in Vierzon near the demarcation line) and have received a very "big head" from the police of Vichy.


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Dec 2011
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There are simpler explanations for Hitler's behavior (than convoluted pseudo scientific psycho babble)... They have to do with the stress of running a complex state, a complex bureaucracy, a complex war, a complex party and a complex group of people with different agendas and wants... including some who were clearly traitors and others who were waiting in the wings to take his place...This is simply an extremely complex and stressful task and Hitler really had no experience to rely on when he suddenly made it to the top (he had not even been -say- a mayor of an average town).

This in a context where Hitler was physically average, with less than average masculine beauty, not even german, not from the elites and generally considered an upstart... So he had to constantly prove himself to be worthy (or at least he probably thought so).... He probably had no one in whom he could really confide/complain and ask for advice (so evacuate some of his stress and get some help).... This stress increased as the years went by and as Germany (from 42) was clearly losing the war (plus suffering significant human losses) for which there was sure to be plenty of blame and that blame ultimately had to rest at the feet of the supreme leader.. The diversionnary tactic of blaming some generals or bureaucrats for some set backs could only go so far....

In such an environment, one would always be afraid to show weakness lest the pack of hyenaes around him would take that oportunity to pounce...
Such a stress would be very difficult to bear and is likely to drive most people "crazy" i.e drive them to take extreme actions....

Those in high stress jobs will probably understand at least partly (most high stress jobs do not involve the risk of one's life nor the level of complexity involved in running WW2 Germany)
Have to have been there to appreciate the honesty of these comments, perhaps.

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