Putin conquers and annexes all of Novorossiya in 2014

Sep 2012
The capitalist boom and great economic growth in the Russian Empire began in the last quarter of the 19th century. Western investment played a major role in it. I have already mentioned the French “Billion Russian loan”. In Kiev were built several large factories owned by Europeans, including the largest factory of Grether and Krivanek, Czech entrepreneurs. A number of factories were built on the territory of Ukraine until 1917 by Germans, Czechs, Belgians, and also citizens of the Russian Empire - Russians, Ukrainians, and Jews.

before 1924 and 1941–1943 - Yuzovka
in 1924–1941 and 1943–1961 - Stalin, Staline, Stalino
The city de facto was founded by the English entrepreneur Hughes, who in 1869 built a metallurgical plant and a village near it in that place. Yuzovka was named after his surname. The status of the city Yuzovka with a population of 70 thousand received only in 1917, almost 20 years after the death of Hughes.

In Yuzovka was the area of this settlement which was called the English colony. The English people lived in it
I read a bit about the man. Apparently the town that was created alongside the ironworks was intended for the Welsh ironworkers. After the revolution in 1917 most of them left the country, but some stayed. According to Phil Carradice they were all Welsh & Hughes brought only his compatriots to Yuzovka town.This English thingy is common trait of all foreign barbarians :) who dont understand the difference between British and English, hence the town is English according to the campaign poster above. The Queen is English, the Islands are English /Anglia, Angliiski etc/
Aug 2014
New York, USA
Learning something new every day. A Welshman founded today's capital of Donetsk People's Republic and the town was named Yuzovka after John Hughes until the commies renamed it to Stalino. After the end of cult of personality then city was renamed again to Donetsk. The centre of Donetsk is known as English Colony, why not Welsh i have no idea.
Russian Empire at the time was fairly multicultural and embraced a lot of capitalist ideas at the end of 19th beginning of 20th centuries. Remember, people like Mannerheim started their military careers as officers in the Russian Empire. The old pre-revolutionary pictures of Vladivostok and St. Petersburg are also fascinating.
Nov 2015
For better understanding of the real intentions of Russia regarding Ukraine, we can read the works of the Kremlin’s unofficial ideologist Alexander Dugin. I must say that for Putin, Dugin is not only a great authority. A series of practical actions by the Russian president is the embodiment of Dugin's ideas. Through the works of this Russian professor, the son of the General of the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Army) red thread thinking is - an independent Ukrainian state is the main obstacle to the "Russian world"

From Dugin's book "Fundamentals of Geopolitics" (1997):

"... The sovereignty of Ukraine is a phenomenon that is so negative for Russian geopolitics that, in principle, it can easily provoke an armed conflict .... Ukraine as an independent state with some territorial ambitions represents a huge danger for the whole of Eurasia, and without solving the Ukrainian problem speaking about continental geopolitics is senseless in general. This does not mean that cultural-linguistic or economic autonomy of Ukraine should be limited and that it should become a purely administrative sector of the Russian centralized state (as to a certain extent there were cases in the imperial empire or under the USSR). But strategically, Ukraine should be a strictly projection of Moscow in the south and west (although details of possible re-structuring models will be discussed in the section on the West). "

And on May 6, 2014 in an interview with the Anna-News agency Dugin stated:

"... while in Kiev there are these nits, in fact, a Russian man, a man who hails from Kievan Rus, these are our roots, cannot easily exist. Either we really need to wipe out and rebuild, or people should actually come in themrselves.

... and I think kill, kill and kill. There should be no more talk. As a professor, I think so "

- After this interview, lecturers and students of Moscow State University, where Dugin was at that time the dean of the Department of Sociology of International Relations, prepared a petition demanding to dismiss him from the university. The petition has collected more than 10 thousand signatures. However, Dugin remained to work there further.

During the war with Ukraine in Russia, Russian analysts are discussing on television the topic - either a big war and occupation is needed with Ukraine - or the collapse of Russia is inevitable

At the end of the interview the expert adds - I am not saying that the option of war with Ukraine is a good one. It is an alternative to the collapse of Russia through the collapse of its economy.

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