qara khitai genealogy question

Sep 2016
va: what are the sources for these lineages?

For Yelu Zhanmugun it's the Epitath for Kehannu (六部奚可汗五帳忒隣可汗帳徳隠可汗奴太師墓誌) in Small Khitan Script. For Xiao Shulizhe it's the Epitath for Prince of Liang (梁國王位誌銘) also in the small script. Aisin Gioro Ulhichun has written a publication in which she drew family trees of the persons mentioned in the individual eiptaths, it's several years old and doesn't contain all info possible to gather from Liao funeraly inscriptions, but it sheds lots of light on the descendants of the collateral branches of Yelu clan and Xiao clans. It's in Japanese though.