Question re: Spanish ships in the PNW

May 2019
Before the 1700s, were there any Spanish vessels in the Pacific-Northwest known to have made contact with any of the local indigenous people? The closest example I'm aware of is a shipwreck in Oregon believed to be a 17th century Spanish vessel: Beeswax wreck - Wikipedia
From what I've heard, there is speculation that some of the survivors lived among the Nehalem for a time.

I was just curious if there was anything more conclusive, since I'm pretty sure there were a handful of Spanish ships who passed by the region before 1700 (Juan de Fuca's expedition is one that comes to mind), and maybe there'd be some mention in ships logs/diaries of contacts with local people...


Ad Honorem
Dec 2014
Well the Manila Galleon travelled through Northern Pacific Ocean each year.. and they sailed oppossite California Coast... so.... it is likely they landed in what today is named Washington (and likely Hawaii)