Question: what was the duty station/activity of a sailing warship's purser during a battle?

Feb 2016
He was classed as an officer so could carry a sword.
He had no official battle roll, so likely had no station ... pursers were known to have accompanied bording parties, landing parties and cutting out operations... but it is probable that they chose to, requested to and were not ordered there.

I can’t find anything that says they were supposed to anywhere. So I guess it depended on the mans abilities... a strong fighter might put himself were he can taste some action, a more accountant like one might stay out of the fighting.
Possibly the purser may have stayed by the pay/money chest.
Jun 2016
Thanks - yeah I haven't been able to find any mention of it. 'A gentleman or landsman volunteer'. I had wondered if there was any 'traditional' place for the purser.
Mar 2014
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Pursers were unpaid warrant officers - they had no strict duty station, but were generally employed on the orlop helping the surgeon, or as message bearers if required. Nelson's secretary, killed on the quarterdeck on the victory, was a purser.
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