Questions about Chinese National Parks/Preserves

Which of these outer Chinese provinces contains the most (in terms of both divisional units and areas) National Parks: Qinghai, Yunnan, Tibet, Manchuria, or Xinjiang?

For those who historically traveled a lot, which of the provinces appeared the most peaceful and environmentally 'clean' to you?

Also can you guys help me out in identifying a few places (while enjoying the music)?
This (the natural background) was filmed in Qinghai, correct?

And this (again, the natural background) was filmed in Xinjiang, correct?
Jan 2016
United States, MO
My guess would be Yunnan. I haven't been there personally, but I have heard that the natural environment there is relatively unspoiled. Yunnan also contains many national parks. If you plan on doing any traveling, then it may be a good idea to avoid Xinjiang and Tibet due to political issues.

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