Rails in the Road

Aug 2018
I was given a copy of a book by Oliver Green, 'Rails in the Road' as a Christmas present. I have just finished reading it. The link below is to a review of the book.

It is a large, coffee-table-sized book with a price tag of £30.00. It is illustrated throughout with high quality contemporary images. The story of the tram in the UK is well written and it seems to me that the author shows a good understanding of the underlying social issues which surrounded public transport throughout the decades of the late 19th, the 20th and the 21st centuries. Oliver Green was Head Curator of the London Transport Museum and now acts in a consultative capacity to a number of transport museums.

Book Review: “Rails in the Road” by Oliver Green

Have others read the book?
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
No, but it may interest you to know there is only one tram line left in Tokyo, which I had the chance to ride.

An oddity: Seattle has (had?) some geriatric trams from Melbourne running near the Pike Place Market. Melbourne retains its extensive tram system possibly due to some quite hilly areas.

Adelaide has only one line, which has been expanded in recent years, with plans to restore a lot more.

Old and new Adelaide trams currently in service