Ranking greatest cardinals who didn't become Pope

Jun 2017
Suddenly got interested in the history of Papal Conclaves. Since the elections are supposed to be secret, digging up the results of each one is kind of a fun challenge. Anyhow in our ranking obsessed society, find it very hard to find rankings of the greatest cardinals who never became Pope for whatever reason, being too old, having alienated too many people etc. Want to see if any of the religious history people on here have any insight?
Jan 2008
A good book that deals with that subject is "Heirs of the Fisherman" by John-Peter Pham, 2004. It contains a lot of fascinating information about the papal Conclaves down through history.

Some good general books about papal history are: Absolute Monarchs, John Julius Norwich, 2011, and Saints and Sinners, Eamon Duffy, 1997.