Rare intact skeleton of unknown 'British' soldier found on battlefield of Waterloo

Nov 2011
Bolton, UK
A skeleton believed to be that of a British soldier has been found on the battlefield of Waterloo.

Amazing discovery: The almost complete skeleton, found buried on land the British held, is believed to be a 20-year-old soldier from one of the Duke of Wellington's regiments who died during the Battle of Waterloo

Read more: Rare intact skeleton of 'British' soldier found on site of Waterloo battlefield with musket ball that felled him still between his ribs | Mail Online

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Nov 2011
Bolton, UK
Why'd they not bury him?
Many of the dead were given proper burials after the battle.

It seems that our lad was either buried on the battlefield by a comrade or, when gathering up bodies to bury, they simply missed him.


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Mar 2009
Fascinating story and I can easily see the young man being wounded in battle,
brought back behind the lines by a close friend, maybe even a family member,
who was moved by the man's death, to make sure he was buried then and there.
Then, very easily, the man who buried him was later killed himself and was unable
to send word back to the dead man's family of where he was buried.
Nov 2011
Bolton, UK
Most of the dead were buried at a cemetery in Evere, near Brussels. They should bury him there.


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Nov 2011
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How do they know its British?
They don't. But the shallow grave is in an area that was held by British troops during most of the battle. Over the next few months they will no doubt carry out tests on the bones-that will provide good evidence.