Re-enactor made WW2 up for a BAFTA!

Jan 2008

I have made a one minuet WW2 film with re-enactors from the UK. It is currently in the first round of judging for the 60 second BAFTA award. If it makes it through then the film will go to a public vote on the 28th of January.

You can view the film online now at:

If you like the film then please pass on the message and help a film made by a 20 year old filmmaker and UK Re-enactors receive a BAFTA nomination.

I would also love to hear what you think about the film, as History enthusiasts, your opinion really maters to me.


Will McGregor

P.S. I am planning to continue making WW2 films, if anyone feels they have something to offer or just want to be involved then let me know.