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Oct 2015
Hello, guys, I need some help with reading, I want your opinion on reading a subject currently I researching ancient history and I don't know how to do it efficiently. Should I a good book on ancient civilations or should i read like one book about the ancient orient, one book on ancient greece, etc

Or should I read by subject for exemple for the subject of how ancient cities where built. Should i take info from more books like what author x,y,z says about this subject in his book.

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Sep 2012
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Welcome to Historum SirIronshield91.

A good way to get a feel for what to look for is to look at children's books regarding a period or subject, as they tend to give an overview with a few details included.

You'll have a basic knowledge as a result, so you'll know where to dig deeper for the facts.

Best of luck.


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I recommend that you get a copy of Herodotus, and read a chapter a week to begin with. Each time your reading throws up a question, track down the answer from the books notes, footnotes, bibliography, indexes, or by using the Internet. Imagine yourself a Greek reading the latest "best seller", and be educated in the world beyond your hometown. In each week of your reading, seek out a contemporary popular history focused on Ancient Greece, or the other lands visited by Herodutus.

Of course, the membership of Historum are a helpful lot who can more personally address the first hundred thousand questions that grow out of your reading.

It would probably be a good idea to read the Durant's book on our Oriental Heritage, The Life in Greece, Vols I & II in the series. The total of these suggestions should keep you very busy for at least six months, but at the end of that time you will have formed the foundations for a proper study. Knowing ancient Greek is also a plus.

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Oct 2013
There was a somehow a similar discussion while ago, and I remember a very good advise someone gave: don't go over 20 titles on one subject.

I think it's a good advice in the www age: we risk to get lost in looking information, especially when we want to do well things.

As already Asherman said with Herodotus. It's best to start with a good classic, a reliable source, then start "scouting" around. But as in scouting, don't forget to come back to base and check what You should scout next, don't scout, scout, scout, until You loose Your way back to the base ;)

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