(Real) weapons of the Future

Aug 2014
Is it feasible to have a microwave weapon which would work the same way as the oven? IE excite the water molecules in targeted people, so that they cook, and possibly explode? I was thinking along the lines of a huge weapon which could be focussed on enemy troops. Too cumbersome or expensive?

Looks as if James T Kirk's phaser is out of the question at present
Lock them in a small room and bombard them from multiple directions at once.
Oct 2011
Lago Maggiore, Italy
Didn't know anyone had produced a laser hand gun.

Can microwaves be weaponised?
Have you ever heard the term "maser"?

A maser is substantially like a laser, but it uses microwaves [it's in the family of the DEW, Direct Energy Weapons].

As for I know, applications of microwaves weapons are limited and so far not that effective [2012 High-Power Microwave Weapons Start to Look Like Dead-End]

An interesting, non-lethal application, is to stop cars and trucks. High-Powered Microwave Ray Gun Can Stall Cars, Trucks
Oct 2011
Lago Maggiore, Italy
About tanks, something new could be at the horizon:

DARPA is studying an other toy ... the "GXV-T".

To summarize, at DARPA big brains are thinking that the paradigm of "bigger and with more armor" is wrong and that it's time to change direction. The GXV-T is a project for a tanks which is ...

lighter [50%]
smaller [50%]
with a crew of max 2 units
able to reach the 95% of terrains
faster [100%]
as stealth as possible
with active defenses [anti-tank, anti-missiles, anti RPG, anti infantry]
with suitable offensive weapons

Take a look at this presentation from 2014
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Geez, the inventiveness of humans in thinking up new ways to kill each other.

This from George Carlin; The guy who invented the flame thrower must have been thinking something like "I REALLY want to set fire to that chap over there"

As for napalm , a truly horrific weapon.
Mar 2013
Didn't know anyone had produced a laser hand gun.

Can microwaves be weaponised?
Sure- https://gizmodo.com/china-claims-to-have-a-real-deal-laser-gun-that-inflict-1827284198

Theoretically, almost anything can be weaponized from a small pebble up to the Sun but usefulness regarding cost and target selection is what decides majority of weapons actually employed.

Only problem with lasers is power... but then again that was the original problem with guns as well then better powder and rifling came along. The curvature of the earth and water/dust droplets are probably the biggest impediments to using lasers on the ground but in space lasers might make sense at some point in the future.

As the gizmodo article shows a 'laser' gun that can instantly kill is still undeveloped but it is getting closer though for actual deployment at the current time supposed 'non-lethal' uses are what we see happening.
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Oct 2011
Lago Maggiore, Italy
If you remember Star Trek, the Enterprise had protected by energy shields ... now, it's already some years that Boeing has patented a plasma force field with the same purpose ...

Boeing patents a real-life force field -- Defense Systems

This promises a lot, if they are able to increase the energy of the plasma: it could become a real shield to stop everything.

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