Realism and Romanticism timelines - how strict?

Apr 2018

I'm wondering if anyone knows if it is incorrect to refer to a work of literature that is written in the Romantic era as having elements of Realism? All sources I see online say that the Realism movement began in the mid 19th century, and I'm writing about a poem that was written in ~1820. I would like to acknowledge in my essay that the piece has elements of both Realism and Romanticism. Advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!
Jun 2016
A Shell of Steel
This might be a little late, but Realism as referring to a movement in art would have begun around the mid-19th century. I understand what you mean by an earlier work having elements of formal realism, but there is a distinction between formal realism and Realism as an art movement.

I'm not sure how it would help your essay, but the fact that some Romantic works do possess formal realism (some French works immediately come to mind), does lead one to wonder to what degree Realism was a break from Romanticism, particularly if you consider Walter Scott a Romantic (and some claim he is) because the way he uses historical and social factors to explain character and events was a significant influence on Realism.