Recent/current world leaders who will be remembered as significant historical figures


Ad Honoris
Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
It happens that history is odd. To become "historical" a leader doesn't always need to do something extraordinary. Sometime it's enough to be leader when something historical happens. In the future, on history books, our descendants will read about the Brexit and I'm sure that because of this historical event, both Cameron and May will be remembered, may be just mentioned, but they will remain in history.
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Jun 2010
Electoral democracies are kinda Built to PREVENT the "Great Man" style of rule.

it really takes something spectacular for any of them to be singled out.
Out of 45 presidents, we actually remember what, 3 of them? Washington, Lincoln and FDR?

Out of British PMs... who? Churchill?
So how well is the rest of the founding fathers remembered compared to later leaders like Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, Eisenhower etc?
Oct 2009
San Diego
Eisenhower is remembered for his leadership as a general in WWII... his presidency left no real lasting mark. Grant was also remembered for his military leadership- while his presidency is largely considered a failure due to rampant fraud and cronyism... not of Grant himself... but of his administration and appointees.

Roosevelt is mostly remembered for creating the national parks- but, again, really accomplished very little of note besides-
And Wilson is largely seen as the president who promised not to get us into WWI- then got us into WWI anyway- and afterward tried, but failed to create the league of nations.

Jefferson was seen as an influential president- the author of the declaration of independence- and the guy who more than doubled the size of the nation thru the Louisiana purchase...
while Adams and Monroe and other founding fathers are largely forgotten.

Ben Franklin is well regarded but he never was president.

by and large- our presidence has Not been a vehicle for "great manning" because our government is meant to check the power of the president very harshly.

And the notion of the "great man" is purest myth. A despot can control what is written about him, until he is dead or overthrown.

That does not make them great.
Aug 2014
New York, USA
Putin will likely be remembered fondly by the Russians for years to come. Whether its fact or mere appearance he did have people see Russia as one of the dominants states again rather than the mere regional power Obama dismissed Russia as. He might also get some sort of credit as one of the big powers behind the dismantlement of Europe should the EU fall.
First and foremost Putin will be remembered for the return of Crimea and Sevastopol back into Russia. Russian history books already had Crimea as part of their curriculum for the last ~150 years, so this is certainly a major historical event for the Russians. Imagine if Trump annexed California back if it was separated back during Bush Sr. administration and given to Mexico. Return of Crimea was the most major event in modern Russian history post-1991, and quite possibly the most significant event in the first half of the 21st century for the Russians.
Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
Someone who will certainly remembered is Kohl. He already counts as one of the post-war big three. He managed to get the GDR and Berlin back into Germany and win the Cold War. So will be in the league of Otto I, Friedrich I, Friedrich II, Matthias, Wilhelm I, von Bismarck, Ebert, Stresemann, Adenauer and Brandt.
Gorbachev will be remembered, because he couldn't stop the downfall of the Soviet Union. In Russia most will remember him as a traitor, in Germany as a hero.
Xi will be remembered if he continuous on his path.

Putin, Aung San Suu Kyi and Merkel will be remembered not in detail, but as a one- or two-liner in the book of history in the minds of the general public. Maybe Obama will be a footnote, that the was the first non-white president of the USA.