Recommend me a topic for a 1500 word essay - All ideas welcome!


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Feb 2010
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I would enjoy exploring the intricacies of the Triumvirate, especially it's affect on the demise of the Roman Republic.

I'm also interested in the closing stages of the Ostfront, perhaps focusing on the Battle of Stalingrad, in particular the endurance displayed by those involved in the battle and ultimately it's affect on the Second World War. I have a number of books on the subject, but I feel that due to the limitations of the essay I would be better to focus on the experiences of individuals within the battle, rather than going into detail about the battle itself.

I also thought to explore the experiences of Terence MacSwiney, a Irish hunger striker from the early 1920's who was an inspiration to a number of European liberators.

I apologise if my post came across in a negative way - it certainly was not my intention. I just felt that the essay was so limiting that, despite having quite a lot of room for manouvering in terms of topic, I would ultimatley be limited in how much detail I could go into. I hope to find a topic that is compact enough to allow me to more adequately display my research.


Be original: go for the Battle of Kohima, particularly the encounter around the Tennis Court


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Dec 2015
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The demise of the Aral Sea can be an interesting topic.