Recommended reading on the Dutch in 17th century Asia?

May 2019
I'd like to find some good reading material (in English, as I can't read Dutch) on the Dutch presence in East/Southeast Asia during the 17th century, especially during the first half of this century. Specific topics that I'd like to find details on include:

-The Dutch colonisation of Indonesia during this period
-The Dutch moves into mainland SEA during this period (e.g. in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand)
-The Dutch presence in Formosa (Taiwan) during this period
-The Dutch seaborne attacks on regional Spanish and Portuguese possessions during this period

I'd appreciate any recommendations for reading material which cover any of these subjects.


Ad Honorem
Aug 2013
United States
Journal of Hendrick Hamel maybe. Not really Southeast Asian though.

He was shipwrecked in Korea in the 1600s and wrote a lot about it.

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