Recommended shows on Netflix / Amazon

Aug 2019
There used to be some shows and documentaries on ancient, medieval or more recent warfare on these channels. They seem to have disappeared. Are there any you would recommend?


Ad Honorem
Jan 2011
South of the barcodes
Amazon are fairly good at showing documentaries at the moment, however theyre on the usual algorithm so you have to search out the first few and then they'll start giving you more suggestions. And also deluge you with second and third tier war movies. Hint to the wise, modern Russian war movies are a lot funnier than they intended to be.

Unfortunately theyre also a very mixed bag of reissues of 90s era History channel material, repackaging of youtube historians and foreign language documentary series with subtitles so ive just finished a redubbed German series on knights with suitably cheesy reenactment and a five part history of the Spanish civil war in Spanish which was painfully loud but reasonably informative.
Jul 2016
Norsemen. OMG is that a funny show.

Its about the Viking age, all the cast are Scandinavian, but the manner in which they speak is like modern, so very passive aggressive, politically correct, etc. Good plot, great dialogue, i have no idea if clothing is accurate. But wow, its funny.

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