Reddit deletes surveillance 'warrant canary' in annual transpar

Mar 2012
Redneck Country, AKA Texas
Reddit deletes surveillance 'warrant canary' in transparency report | Reuters

Didn't know where exactly to post this, so I figured I'd be safe here. Mods, if I'm violating any rules by posting this, please tell me.

Quick rundown for those who don't know: if you receive a letter from the NSA, you're not allowed legally to tell anyone about it. However, you aren't forced to lie and say you've never gotten one. So a lot of sites have "warrant canaries", where they periodically say that they've never received a national security letter. If they stop saying that, it probably means they got one. This year, Reddit has not said that they have not been contacted by the NSA. This most likely means that Reddit has been contacted by the NSA and allowed access to do something, but it's illegal for Reddit to say what that something is.

My personal thoughts: why can't the American government just respect privacy? I understand that they are trying to avoid terrorism and such, but isn't this a bit too much? Reddit is an international site, not just American.
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