Refuting the Myth: "No African Swords" - The Diversity of Weapons in Africa

Nov 2018
West Covina
Swords from the west african forrest

First is a sword used by the Asante Kingdom

Second is Benin Opia

Third and fifth are dahomey swords

Fourth is a yoruba sword1395530950119.jpg1395530837745.jpg1395531143826.jpg1535943042406.jpg1535942982871.jpg


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Jul 2012
Benin City, Nigeria

Drawing of a sword from the Loma (or Toma) people of Liberia. The Loma are a subgroup of the Mande.

Sword from the Nupe people of Nigeria.png

Drawing of a sword from the Nupe people of Nigeria. The drawing is from sometime between 1910 and 1912.

Drawing of a short sword from the Nzanyi people of Nigeria. Drawn by Hubert Hagler some time between 1910 and 1912.
Nov 2018
West Covina
Some photos first is from kano

Second is from the sahel region

Third is from Cameroon

Fourth is from Ethiopia

Last also from Cameroonkaf 002.jpg46a9645b82df1028ca0a368f29eeae6a.jpg568810182cba1_camerooncavalry1940-49lances.png.2b3ca12c79f4226672e14ae6a5a14900.pngtumblr_okw08gcdUK1s7e5k5o1_1280.jpgmedium_large.1398255202.jpg
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