Refuting the Myth: "No African Swords" - The Diversity of Weapons in Africa

Nov 2018
West Covina
Swords from the west african forrest

First is a sword used by the Asante Kingdom

Second is Benin Opia

Third and fifth are dahomey swords

Fourth is a yoruba sword 1395530950119.jpg 1395530837745.jpg 1395531143826.jpg 1535943042406.jpg 1535942982871.jpg


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Jul 2012
Benin City, Nigeria

Drawing of a sword from the Loma (or Toma) people of Liberia. The Loma are a subgroup of the Mande.

Sword from the Nupe people of Nigeria.png

Drawing of a sword from the Nupe people of Nigeria. The drawing is from sometime between 1910 and 1912.

Drawing of a short sword from the Nzanyi people of Nigeria. Drawn by Hubert Hagler some time between 1910 and 1912.

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