Relationship and Friendship of Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt

Jan 2008
Greenville, SC
I wish if anyone could provide me with sources of information that clarify and describe the relationship between these two fifth cousins. Although I've been doing ardouos research on the subject I have not found anything that tells the reader what kind of relationship they had during Teedie's childhood, or while FDR was at Harvard, did Teddy ever adviced FRD to become president? Was he the drive and inspiration behind FRD? etc. None of FDR's recent biographies mention anything worth thinking about, nor do any of TR's... the book that intrigued me the most concerning the matter was The Rise of TR by Edmund Morries, but like we all know that is partly based on fiction (at least some of it). Then again, Alice Roosevelt's latest biography fails to delve deeply into the subject. I can anyone recommend me a book? Or perhaps further and briefly explain to me what their relationship was like? Thank you.


Historum Emeritas
Aug 2006
Teddy Roosevelt gave Eleanor away to Franklin at his wedding. They were all cousins.